Hear What Other WorldMark Owners Have To Say

“Yeah the Credit system works very well – it’s very flexible, so you’re not pinned to having to take a certain amount of time. You can go for one night or two weeks – whatever you’ve got, and also it’s just the different seasons you can go, which is totally flexible compared to some others where you’ve got to take week lots or something like that.”

Kelly Smith, Queensland


“The really big benefit of a Credit-based system is that we can access a number of accommodation facilities, any one year at any point in time, rather than the one timeshare facility each week, each year.”

Carl & Lesley Bangaarts, Queensland


“We’ve done a lot more travelling in the last four or five years then we’ve ever done. And now we make a point of it. As soon as we finish our holidays, we always go back and start planning the next one!”

Viki & Steve, Tasmania


“With WorldMark you can pretty much travel anywhere in the world, not just with WorldMark but with their sister companies. It’s fantastic because you can experience the culture, food, travel and adventure, and you meet so many other people that are in the same boat and are just as excited as you are.”

Brett & Toni, Fiji


“All the resorts that we have been to have been marvellous, and it’s a good experience. Good for the soul!”

Catherine & Guy, Fiji


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