Length of Stay

To ensure all Discovery Members are able to get the most out of their Discovery Memberships, the following guidelines apply, which are explained further in the Program Guidelines.

  • A minimum seven-night stay is required during Red Season 1 and 2 when reservations are made more than nine months in advance
  • Different rules apply to Red Season 3 to 9
  • There is no seven-night minimum stay in White or Blue seasons
  • A minimum two-night stay is required on weekends when staying either a Friday OR Saturday night
  • Only one Friday AND Saturday two-night booking (Weekend Only) may be reserved on a Discovery Membership at any one time for each full block of 6,000 Discovery Credits held


For example, a Discovery Membership with 20,000 Discovery Credits would be able to have three ‘Weekend-Only’ reservations at any one time on the account.