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Home is not a place, it's a feeling - Welcome Home to Wyndham

Welcome to Club Wyndham South Pacific. You have joined more than 56,000 Club Wyndham Owners, who are enjoying holidays at Club Wyndham resorts throughout the South Pacific region. That’s the beauty of being an Owner with Club Wyndham South Pacific. 


You can go on holidays year after year – choosing when you want to travel, taking short breaks or long holidays, visiting your favourite resorts or a different destination every time. It’s all up to you! The Club’s inbuilt flexibility makes it easy for you to select the accommodation and location that matches your needs.










Wyndham Timeshare in the South Pacific 

Club Wyndham South Pacific is the leading Vacation Ownership club and timeshare provider in the South Pacific region. It is exclusively developed, managed and marketed by Wyndham Destinations Asia Pacific, and has delivered unforgettable holidays to more than 56,000 Owner families for more than 16 years.

Over 56,000 Owner families

Wyndham's timeshare program is a flexible, convenient and affordable way to holiday more often. As a Club Wyndham South Pacific owner, you will receive an annual allotment of Vacation Credits to book your resort stays. You will enjoy the ease of online booking, plus the assistance of a dedicated Travel Agency and Owner Services team for all your holiday planning needs.

32 resorts across Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Thailand

With a collection of 32 resorts across AustraliaNew ZealandFiji, Thailand, Indonesia and Hawaii. Owners can choose from an array of destinations – all with quality accommodation. You can decide where, when, how often and how long you want to holiday each year according to the number of Credits you own. That means you can take several short breaks throughout the year or extended holidays.

Enjoy being an Owner, using your Vacation Ownership timeshare and the unlimited travel possibilities you have with Club Wyndham.


Not an Owner but interested in trialing the Club Wyndham lifestyle?

At Wyndham we believe that everyone deserves a holiday – that travel, adventure and quality time spent with loved ones are what makes life truly great. We believe that life should be filled with happiness, so that when we grow old we have a treasure trove of memories to make us smile. Enjoying Wyndham timeshare through Club Wyndham South Pacific opens up a whole new world of holiday possibilities...