What can I do with my available Credits?

Compiled below are just some of the holiday options available^ to you!

Remember, you do have 28 resorts around the South Pacific to choose from, plus you may have Credits that you can borrow from your upcoming anniversary year!


Wyndham Seven Mile Beach pool 2,850 Credits

Wyndham Seven Mile Beach Tasmania

- 3 nights accommodation (Mon - Thu)

- 1-Bedroom (sleeps 4)

- Based on Red Season 2 (rates may be lower if travelling in other seasons)

Wyndham Torquay pool4,350 Credits

- Wyndham Torquay Victoria

- 4 nights accommodation (Thu - Sun)

- Hotel Room (sleeps 2)

- Based on Red Season 4 (rates may be lower if travelling in other seasons)

Wyndham Kirra Beach5,000 Credits

- Wyndham Kirra Beach Queensland

- 7 nights accommodation (Mon - Sun)

- 1-Bedroom (sleeps 4)

- Based on Blue Season

Wyndham Sydney pool5,700 Credits

- Wyndham Sydney New South Wales

- 4 nights accommodation (Thu - Sun)

- Studio (sleeps 2)

- Based on Red Season

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How do I book?

You're not limited to the above holiday options! Choose the resort, length of stay and season that suits you to calculate how many Credits you'll need for your holiday. More information on understanding Credit charts →

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^ Please note that you might already have used some or the totality of your available Credits by the time you visit this page. Please sign-in to check your Credit balance accordingly.