Exchange Plus

Exclusive to WorldMark South Pacific Club Owners, Exchange Plus gives you the option to exchange your qualified timeshare week, or weeks, for more flexible Exchange Plus Credits.

Combine your Exchange Plus Credits with your Vacation Credits for even more holiday options, including shorter or longer stays, larger or smaller rooms, plus a wide range of destinations across Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Indonesia, Thailand and Hawaii in the United States.

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RCI Exchange Membership

Privileges membership includes membership to RCI (Resort Condominium International), whereby Privileges members can exchange their Privileges Qualified Credits to holiday for a week in more than 4,000 participating RCI Affiliated Resorts located in over 100 countries around the world.

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Full Week - Up to a 24-Month Booking Window**

RCI Vacation Credit rates




















Instant Exchange*





Nightly Stays and Split Week Resorts

Exclusively to Privileges members at more than 600 selected resorts.

Up to a 10-month booking window.


Room Type Season Monday - Thursday Friday - Sunday
    Credits Credits
Studio Red 960 1600
White 720 1200
Blue 480 800
1-Bedroom Red 1080 1800
White 840 1400
Blue 600 1000
2-Bedroom Red 1200 2000
White 960 1600
Blue 720 1200
3-Bedroom Red 1440 2400
White 1080 1800
Blue 840 1400

*Available at selected resorts and subject to availability. **Taxes and Housekeeping Fees may apply, however Privileges Diamond members and above may receive complimentary housekeeping per reservation made. Resort fees are non-refundable and subject to change without prior notice. All credit values are per week.

RCI Australian Members’ Exchange Fees

  • Domestic AUD$119 per exchange
  • International AUD$229 per exchange

RCI New Zealand Members’ Exchange Fees

  • Domestic NZD$119 per exchange
  • International NZD$229 per exchange

How Does RCI Holiday Exchange Work?

Holiday Exchange
  • The RCI holiday exchange system allows Owners, who are RCI members, to exchange WorldMark South Pacific Club Vacation Credits for a week of time at any available RCI Affiliated Resort
  • When RCI members deposit their holiday entitlements (Credits or Weeks) with RCI they are placed into a central availability pool called the RCI exchange pool. This is where all the deposits of RCI members from around the globe are stored and Owners are able to select a holiday from it
  • The holiday options that RCI can offer depend on what is available in the pool, at the time and relies on other members to deposit their holiday entitlements at their Club or timeshare resort
  • If there is no availability for the location, room size or dates the Owner wishes to travel, Owners are able to request an ongoing search whereby the system searches 24 hours a day, seven days a week to find a match. Once a match is found, RCI will make contact with the Owner to confirm if they wish to book that week of time
Instant Exchange
  • Instant Exchange allows RCI members booking within 30 days of check-in to pay a flat fee of 3,000 Vacation Credits per exchange week regardless of unit, size, seasonality or region
  • Owners are not able to place an ongoing search for an Instant Exchange and need to call RCI direct or book online to confirm the reservation
Holiday Rentals
  • Holiday Rentals are additional, non-exchange accommodation options available just for RCI members at discounted cash rates or converted into a Vacation Credit rate that may exceed the standard RCI exchange chart
  • Holiday Rentals give RCI members travel opportunities at popular destinations that may not have any exchange accommodation available

RCI Key Points

  • Exchanges with RCI require an exchange fee
  • Privileges Qualified Credits can be banked with RCI for two years
  • There are more than 4,000 resorts in 100 countries
  • Available for weekly stays
  • Bookings are subject to availability
  • A housekeeping token or housekeeping charge will apply for each week confirmed, (amount charged will depend on room size confirmed with RCI)


ICE Exchange Membership

International Cruise and Excursions (ICE) provide Privileges by Wyndham members with the most exciting and unique cruise program available today. Privileges members can experience the relaxation and luxury of a cruise holiday in several ways. They can purchase cruise holidays using a set number of Vacation Credits as value towards the price of your cruise, however, special Privileges pricing is also available without having to deposit any of your Vacation Credits.

Cruising Is All-Inclusive

A Privileges all-inclusive cruise holiday is packed with a wealth of options for shopping, adventure, sightseeing, exploring, entertaining and sports activities. If your guests are looking for relaxation, there is nothing better than a deck chair by the pool with a fresh ocean breeze. It’s hard to believe, but all the items listed below are typically included in the price of your cruise holiday:

  • 24-hour room service
  • Fine dining
  • Midnight buffet
  • Shipboard activities
  • Nightly entertainment
  • Supervised children’s programs
  • Fitness programs
  • Nightclubs
  • Las Vegas style shows
  • Swimming pools and Jacuzzis

The following amenities are widely available, often for an additional onboard charge: spa services, hair salon, casino, alcoholic and specialty beverages and duty-free shopping.

Cruise Exchange with ICE

When Owners exchange Vacation Credits towards a cruise holiday the benefits include:

  • No exchange fees
  • Book up to two years in advance
  • No advance booking requirements or Blackout Dates
  • Fares typically include onboard dining, activities and entertainment
  • Friends and family can utilise your Privileges member saving as well

Discount Cruise Purchase with ICE

Privileges members will enjoy exclusive member discounts on the cruise holidays without depositing their Vacation Credits.

  • No exchange fees
  • No need to utilise your Vacation Credits
  • Availability on most cruises and cabin types
  • Extend your member rate to family and friends
  • Fare typically includes onboard dining, activities and entertainment

ICE Key Points

  • ICE membership is complimentary for all Privileges members in good standing
  • Privileges Qualified Credits can be banked with ICE for two years
  • Vacation Credits that are deposited to ICE require at least a 6 month validity
  • Owners may have to pay additional fees or costs while on a cruise
  • Bookings are subject to availability
  • Generally cruises require Vacation Credits plus a cash supplement
  • A housekeeping token or applicable housekeeping fee charge will apply for each exchange