Owner Education holds free information sessions designed to help you understand your Vacation Ownership, provide you with the tools you need to use your Ownership more often and support you throughout your years of Ownership. These sessions are group education events, where you are able to meet and mingle with other Owners. Sessions are constantly updated with changing information from your Club, so whether you have been before or you are a first-timer, we hope to see you at one soon!


Which session is best for you?

There is a range of exciting education sessions covering a number of different topics to suit your needs. All sessions are held in a group environment with other Owners and presented by a knowledgeable Owner Education Consultant, giving you the chance to share experiences, have all your questions answered and learn handy hints.


Which education option is best for you?

  • Face-to-Face – We conduct up to 360 sessions a year at local venues around Australia and New Zealand. These sessions are fantastic for meeting with Owner Education Consultants in person, mingling with other Owners to share stories and tips, plus learning more about your Ownership.
  • Conference Calls Online – We conduct up to 140 online sessions per year. You are able to join the session by dialing into the conference call from your home phone or mobile phone and using a link to a website to see the entire session presented by an Owner Education Consultant. With up to 25 Owners on each call, it is a convenient way to meet fellow Owners and learn more.
  • DIY Video Sessions – You have 24/7 access to our online DVD that is spilt into 10 chapters of essential WorldMark information. You are also able to request a DVD to be posted to you if you prefer.
  • Facebook – With over 12,000 fans, the WorldMark South Pacific Club Facebook page keeps you up-to-date with the latest Club information. You can ask questions, get great insider tips and share experiences with other Owners via the new Owner Forum.

Why should you attend Owner Education?

Owner Education is a vital step for learning the most effective way to maximise your Vacation Ownership. Join an Owner Education session to receive the best advice from your WorldMark experts and take the amazing holidays you deserve!