Understanding ICE Vacations

Understanding ICE Vacations(7:18)

Whatever you want to see of do, there's a cruise for you! In this module get hints and tips on how to make ICE Vacations cruise booking, how to trade Vacation Credits towards a cruise, what 'preferred member rate' means much more.

Understanding RCI - Module 1

Understanding RCI - Module 1(5:36)

In this module you will gain a basic understanding of who RCI is and where RCI accommodation comes from!

Understanding RCI - Module 2

Understanding RCI - Module 2(10:54)

In this module you will learn how to make a reservation with RCI, what the difference is between a confirm first reservation and a space banking reservation plus how you can benefit from last minute holidays with instant exchange.

Understanding RCI - Module 3

Understanding RCI - Module 3(3:49)

In this module you will learn how to use RCI online. We will cover how to log in to the RCI website, how to search resorts, how to check availability and how to confirm a reservation online!

Travel Club by Wyndham

Travel Club by Wyndham(6:38)

Discover your Travel Club by Wyndham in this module, and find out where your travel dreams can take you!