Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about a WorldMark South Pacific Club by Wyndham Ownership.

Getting Started

1. How can I contact the Reservations / Owner Services Team?

2. How do I register to make bookings online?

3. Welcome to WorldMark South Pacific Club by Wyndham

4. A little bit about us

5. What benefits come with my WorldMark Ownership?

6. Where can I stay?

7. How do I make a reservation?

8. How can I make an online booking?

9. Booking tips

10. What are the different booking payment options?

11. How do Vacation Credits work?

12.What is the difference between Bonus Time & Fun Time?

Online Booking Tips

1. Helpful Booking Hints and Online Restrictions

2. Problems Logging in?


1. How many Vacation Credits do I need for each Apartment?

2. Where can I view information & updates about my up coming stay?

3. How do I know what size Apartment I need?

4. What are 'Blackout Dates'?

5. What is Fijian Service Turnover Tax?

6. What is the Fiji Environmental Levy?

7. Can I split up my holiday in more than one resort?

8. What is a Housekeeping token?

9. What is Housekeeping - How does it work?

10. Is there a minimum length of stay?

11. Do you have a waitlist when resorts are fully booked?

12. How does a Waitlist work?

13. How do I authorise another person(s) to make bookings?

14. What is the rule about Red Season?

15. How are the apartments allocated?

16. How can I amend my booking?

17. How do I change my booking?

18. Do you have any specials available to Owners?

19. Why can't I get availability?

20. How far ahead can I book my holiday?

21. Are there any special rules for the weekend booking?

22. How can I cancel my booking?

23. After Hours bookings for Check-in within 48 Hours or Less

24. What tools can I use to help me plan my holiday?

25. What is the normal booking window for a reservation using credits?

26. How is the Club’s Reservations System managed?


1. South Pacific Club Resort Contact Details

2. Which rooms are available for Guests with a Disability, or Special Needs?

3. Which WorldMark South Pacific resort by Wyndham is best for me?

4. Where can I download the Resort Guide?

5. Which Associate Resorts do I have access to?

6. NSW Resorts - Apartment Features Charts

7. What are the onsite resort facilities?

8. Where can I view the resort infomation sheets?

9. What are ‘exotic’ resorts?

10. What time do I have to check in?

11. TAS Resorts - Apartment Features Charts

12. Why is WorldMark South Pacific Club by Wyndham inventory sometimes advertised to the general public?

13. QLD Resorts - Apartment Features Charts

14. VIC Resorts - Apartment Features Charts

15. NZ Resorts - Apartment Features Charts

16. Pacific Island Resorts - Apartment Features Charts

17. WA Resorts - Apartment Features Charts

18. Which Apartment is Best For Me?

Exchange Program

1. Confirming an RCI Exchange Online

2. Does a membership fee apply to Credit Exchange?

3. Exchange Plus

4. What is Credit Exchange?

My Ownership

1. How can I update my contact details?

2. When is my Ownership’s Anniversary Date?

3. How and where can I learn more about my Ownership?

4. What type of Owner events can I attend?

5. Where can I view Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)?

6. How do I invite a friend to find out about becoming an owner?

7. Can I invite a friend to attend a presentation?

8. Destinations Magazine Archive

9. Can I take my pet on holiday with me?

10. Do my WorldMark Vacation Credits expire?

11. Can I receive special offers, announcements and Club news by email?

12. How do I pay my levies?

13. How can I maximise my WorldMark Ownership?

14. What is the Exchange Network Agreement (‘TEN’)?

15. Where can I view WorldMark South Pacific Club by Wyndham Guidelines & Regulations?

16. Can I Sell or Transfer my Vacation Credits?

17. How do I get more Vacation Credits?

18. Where can I view WorldMark South Pacific Club by Wyndham financial information?

Contacting Us

1. Call Centre Operating Hours

What's New

1. Housekeeping tokens are now available to borrow online

2. Social Media

3. Red Season update: Book a short stay!

4. Improved menu options when calling WorldMark South Pacific Club by Wyndham

Credits and Cash Rate

1. What is the lifespan of my credits?

2. Credit Card Service Fee

3. What are One-Time Credits?

4. What is Fun Time?

5. How to make a Bonus Time booking?

6. What is Bonus Time?

7. Can I borrow credits from next year?

8. What factors determine the number of credits required to book a particular holiday?

9. What is the difference between Vacation Credit Available and Vacation Credits Owned?


1. How can I get a Privileges Program Guide?

2. What are the benefits by different Privileges tiers?

3. How can I join Privileges?

4. What am I entitled to as a Privileges Member

Accounts Receivable

1. What are annual levies, and how much are they?

2. Save money by signing up for Autopay!

3. I pay my levies annually why have I been charged a non direct debit fee?

4. How do I pay my finance/loan?

5. How do I pay my levies?

6. Why have my annual levies increased?

7. Why do I have to pay levies?

8. Can I change my direct debit or credit card details?

9. Can I receive my annual invoice by email instead of post?

10. I pay my levies by direct debit. Why am I receiving this invoice?

11. How do I authorise another person(s) to make payments/enquiries?

Travel by Wyndham

1. What is a Club Tour?

2. What deals can I find at Travel Club by Wyndham?

3. How can I contact Travel by Wyndham?

4. Do you offer Cruise deals?

My WorldMark Journey

1. How Do I Share My WorldMark Journey With My Friends and Family?

2. Can I Earn More Rewards For Sharing My WorldMark Journey?

3. My WorldMark Journey - Why can’t I Log In?

4. My WorldMark Journey - Why won’t it accept my address?

5. My WorldMark Journey - How do I enter a holiday at a Non-WorldMarkSP Resort?

6. My WorldMark Journey - How do I make the leader board?

7. My Journey - Set Up Your Profile

Discovery by Wyndham

1. Where can i find the the most Frequently Asked Questions about a Discovery by Wyndham (‘Discovery’) Membership?