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Discover the secret to living your holiday dreams

More than 900,000 people worldwide are choosing the new way of Timeshare with Wyndham as a smarter way to holiday.

In the South Pacific, more than 54,000 people have already discovered the secret to living their holiday dreams with the WorldMark South Pacific Club by Wyndham. 

This is your first step in choosing an incredible lifestyle of travel, adventure and unforgettable holidays. Now let us show you how to have affordable holidays, year after year at amazing locations.


How does timeshare work?


A future full of holidays

One of the greatest benefits of being a timeshare owner is that you have secured your future holidays every year until 2080. Wyndham's timeshare Club, WorldMark South Pacific Club provides a flexible, convenient and affordable way to holiday more often.


Travel the world

The beauty of Wyndham Timeshare is that you get to choose from so many locations across the Wyndham network with 28 resorts across the South Pacific, New Zealand, Thailand and Fiji alone! All you need to do is choose which part of the world you would like to discover to make lasting memories for you and your family.


Quality Accommodation

With self-catering apartments ranging from studio rooms (sleeping two people) to apartments (sleeping up to eight) or even self-contained cottages, holiday gatherings have never been easier! All WorldMark South Pacific Club rooms and apartments are regularly refurbished for ultimate comfort year after year.


A sense of community

Wyndham has helped create over 500,000 holiday memories for over 54,000 families in just over 15 years of timeshare holidays. It's timeshare Owners have not just signed up to another loyalty program but instead have joined a holiday community, giving them the opportunity to meet new people, create memories and relax by reconnecting with loved ones.




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