Is this you?

You like to go on holidays every year but hotel accommodation is expensive
and the rooms are sometimes very small.

Add it up

If you add up how much you currently spend each year on holidays and
consider the inflation on hotel accommodation, with prices escalating every
year, you will probably discover that you have spent a lot more money than
you thought on one-time hotel accommodation. We call this renting your

A smarter way to holiday

Vacation Ownership with the WorldMark South Pacific Club offers the chance
to holiday a smarter way by owning superior accommodation choices for
years into the future.

Why is this revolutionising the way people holiday?

• By choosing to own your holidays rather than continue to rent them, you
are protected from holiday accommodation inflation. See the savings
calculator to understand how much you can save.

• Accommodation in the WorldMark South Pacific Club ranges from stylish
hotel rooms to spacious one, two and three-bedroom self-contained
apartments, right through to Grand and Presidential Suites!

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