New Brands, Greater Experiences

You will have started to notice some of your favourite Resorts are getting a brand makeover, with a number of properties transitioning to either the Wyndham or Ramada Brands.

Your Resorts that will have a new name change include: 

• Ballarat – Ramada Resort Ballarat
• Coffs Harbour (Treetops) – Ramada Resort Coffs Harbour
• Flynns Beach – Ramada Resort Flynns Beach
• Sydney – Wyndham Sydney Suites
• Dunsborough – Ramada Resort Dunsborough
• Perth – Ramada Perth, The Outram
• Seven Mile Beach – Ramada Resort Seven Mile Beach
• Wanaka – Ramada Resort Wanaka



Ramada: The word ‘ramada’ is a Spanish word meaning a shaded
rested place, an arbor or a sanctuary. This meaning is the foundation of the
Ramada brand, and what our Wyndham Team aims to provide every
single time you and your loved ones stay with us.




What to expect?

From early April your website, confirmation emails and letters will all be updated to reflect the new resort name. Over the coming months official resort signage and printed items will also be changed.

What does this mean for you? 

Whilst the rebrand might change the name of the resort, you will have access to the same fantastic facilities, service and ‘welcome home’ feeling we know you love. 

What next? 

With the expansion of our Wyndham family, there has never been a more exciting time to be a Discovery Member, and we’re so glad to have you.

Wishing you many more happy holidays to come in 'shared resting places' wherever your Membership takes you!