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Important Information

It is important to note that these new Club properties are managed by CLUB WYNDHAM® Plus, not WorldMark South Pacific Club. This means there are some key differences and reservation conditions that you will need to be aware of when making your bookings at these Club properties, including the following:

  • All bookings must be made in 7-night blocks, with arrivals and departures on Sunday (only for WorldMark Bali Hai) throughout 2018.  
  • Multiple reservations can be made by each Owner to build a stay of multiples of 7 nights, however a housekeeping fee applies to each 7-night booking and a room move may be required.
  • Check-in time is 4pm and check-out time is 10am.
  • The Privileges by Wyndham program is not currently recognised at these resorts.
  • TOT (Transient Occupancy Tax) of approximately $6 to $12 USD per night (2018 rates), depending on the apartment type, needs to be paid to the resort directly on departure.  This tax is imposed by the state government in Hawaii, not dissimilar to the STT in place at Fiji.
  • The Club has acquired the use of a number of weeks at these Resorts on an on-going basis, not specific apartments as traditionally it would do so. The Resorts are locally managed and share facilities with other Wyndham Vacation Ownership clubs. 



Frequently asked questions: 

Q. Can I book a reservation for less than seven nights?
A. Reservations at WorldMark South Pacific Club by Wyndham Bali Hai Villas can only be booked in blocks of seven nights.  You can choose when you arrive or leave within those seven nights; however you will not receive any refund of Vacation Credits or housekeeping for unused nights.

Q. Can I book my seven nights beginning on a Monday?
A. During 2018, reservations must be booked in 7-night blocks, with arrivals and departures on Sunday for WorldMark Bali Hai Villas throughout 2018.   You can choose to arrive on a Monday, but your booking must commence on a Sunday if you are staying at WorldMark Bali Hai Villas. If you wish to stay longer, you will need to book in multiples of seven-night blocks.

Q. If I book two weeks will I be able to stay in the same room the whole time?
A. We are unable to guarantee the same room will be available for two consecutive weeks, so you may need to check-out of your first room at 10am and check-in to your second room at 4pm.  

Q. The resort was able to keep my family in the same room for two weeks. Does this mean my Housekeeping Token for the second week will be returned?
A. No. You would have received a mid-stay clean after the first week, as each seven-night reservation is entitled to a housekeeping service.

Q. I have booked seven nights but have cancelled the first two nights as I am checking in on Tuesday. Am I eligible for ‘Resold Nights’ on the two nights I cancelled with penalty?
A. WorldMark Bali Hai Villas is only eligible for Resold Nights of seven-night blocks only.  We do not have the opportunity to resell single nights that have been cancelled.

Q. Can I book a Special Needs Unit or a guaranteed ground floor unit?
A.  Both Resorts have rooms with disability accessibility. These will need to be booked directly through Owner Services on request, and will be subject to availability.  

Q. Do I receive my Privileges by Wyndham benefits at these resorts?
A. Complimentary housekeeping is available for Privileges Diamond members and higher tiers. Onsite resort benefits at WorldMark Bali Hai Villas are not currently included in the Privileges by Wyndham program, as these resorts are not managed by the Developer or the Club (although this may be subject to change).

Q.  Am I able to create a WorldMark resort package deal with Travel by Wyndham (commonly known as WorldMark To / From Credit packages) at these resorts?
 WorldMark Bali Hai Villas are not currently available for inclusion in WorldMark To/From resort packages. Privileges Diamond members and higher tiers have the option to use their Vacation Credits towards the cost of any travel item as their Personal Choice benefit. Find out more.

Q. Why is the check-out time of 10am different to other Club resorts?
A. The properties are not managed by WorldMark South Pacific Club, which means that the Resorts’ own rules apply, if different from the Club’s Guidelines and Regulations – including check-in times.

Q. Why did the Club purchase this inventory as weeks rather than apartments?
A.  We have acquired what is known as fractional ownership which gives Owners access to apartments in these Resorts for the life of the Club.  These interests are registered on the title of the properties and are held by a Custodian for the Club.  This form of ownership was acquired to help us respond to Owners’ requests for a broader range of Club Resort locations.