New Brands, Greater Experiences

You will have started to notice some of your favourite Resorts are getting a brand makeover, with a number of properties changing their name to either Wyndham or Ramada.

Your Resorts that will have a new name change include: 

- Ballarat : Ramada Resort Ballarat
- Coffs Harbour (Treetops) : Ramada Resort Coffs Harbour
- Flynns Beach : Ramada Resort Flynns Beach
- Sydney : Wyndham Sydney Suites
- Dunsborough : Ramada Resort Dunsborough
- Perth : Ramada Perth, The Outram
- Seven Mile Beach : Ramada Resort Seven Mile Beach
- Wanaka : Ramada Resort Wanaka


The expansion of the Wyndham and Ramada brands in the Pacific Rim region, which includes Australia, New Zealand and Thailand, has seen many exciting recent developments for your Club: the introduction of your new Ramada Resort Dinner Plain, Mt Hotham Club property, Wyndham Sea Pearl Resort Phuket and Associate Resorts Ramada Suites Zen Quarter, Darwin and Ramada Resort Eco Beach in Broome just to name a few!

What to expect?

From early April your website, confirmation emails and letters will all be updated to reflect the new resort name. Over the coming months official resort signage and printed items will also be changed.

What does this mean for you?

Whilst the name of the resort will change, Owners will have access to the same fantastic facilities, service and 'welcome home' feeling we know you love.

All Club benefits, Privileges by Wyndham benefits, rooms and facilities remain exactly the same!

There has been no change to how we manage surplus inventory. Any excess inventory that's not forecast to be used by Club Owners (based on historical trends and forward bookings) may be released to Wyndham Hotel Group to provide additional revenue to the Club, which benefits all Owners.

What next?

With the expansion of our Wyndham family, there has never been a more exciting time to be a WorldMark Owner, and we're so glad to have you.



Q: Does this mean less availability?

A: Not at all. The Club inventory at the resort remains exactly the same! It's only when we have surplus Club rooms that those rooms will be sold through Wyndham Hotel Group, and the Club receives the benefit of any rental received which ultimately benefits Owners!

In fact, during 2016, 60 new apartments were added to Club inventory across three properties! This included 18 new hotel rooms and apartments at Ramada Marcoola Beach, 18 new hotel rooms and apartments at Wyndham Resort Torquay, along with 24 new apartments at Wyndham Surfers Paradise.


Q. Does this affect my WorldMark Ownership?

A. No it doesn't. You continue to be an Owner of the WorldMark South Pacific Club by Wyndham, and the name change of these resorts does not impact your access to Club rooms or any of your entitlements. Whilst the rebrand might change the name of the resorts, you will continue to have access to the same fantastic facilities, exceptional customer experience, and Club benefits.


Q. Will members of the public now be able to stay at our Club resorts?

A. The name changes will not cause any changes to your access to Club rooms or how the rooms are occupied. As it currently is today for both our Club only and mixed-use properties, there are times where we have surplus Club rooms available during periods of low demand that are made available to members of the public. The Club receives any proceeds from letting these surplus Club rooms to the public.


Ramada: The word : ramada is a Spanish word meaning a shaded
rested place, an arbor or a sanctuary. This meaning is the foundation of the
Ramada brand, and what our Wyndham Team aims to provide every
single time you and your loved ones stay with us.