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To start, on behalf of the WorldMark South Pacific Club we would like to congratulate and welcome you to our community! This is where you will find everything you need to start your journey across the Asia Pacific. Where would you like to start? 

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Vacation Credits

Firstly, note that Vacation Credits are the currency of the WorldMark South Pacific Club. As a WorldMark South Pacific Club Owner, you acquire your allotment of Vacation Credits annually. This amount is credited to your WorldMark Account on your Anniversary Date every year, valid for two years.

Using Vacation Credits provides you with the flexibility to holiday at any and all of our 34 Club Resorts located across South East Asia and Europe. Choose your destination, decide on a season to travel, and your desired length of stay . Use the balance of Vacation Credits to reserve rooms based on resort availability.

How Vacation Credits work with WorldMark


Vacation Credit Types

Within the WorldMark Club there are four different Vacation Credit Types used in exchange for reserving rooms. All types of Vacation Credits are of equal value, however their eligibility differs.

WMTS    Privileges Qualified Credits
Available for use at WorldMark South Pacific Club Resorts, Associate Resorts, North American Exchange Agreement, Out of Network Offers, RCI and Privileges Offers.
WMA Credits purchased before 1 May 2010
Available for use at WorldMark South Pacific Club Resorts, Associate Resorts, North American Exchange Agreement, Out of Network Offers and RCI.
WM Credits purchased after 1 May 2010
This type of credit is applied if at point of purchase Owner opted out of the Privileges Program, or has purchased Vacation Credits from any source other than Wyndham.  Available for use at WorldMark South Pacific Club Resorts, Associate Resorts, Out of Network Offers and RCI (if current members). Do not have access to the North American Exchange Agreement.
Credits awarded  by WorldMark by Wyndham
Rewards for participation in various Owner programs such as owner referral, sales incentives, Bonus WorldMark Credits, Trial or Trade Credits. These credits are One-Time Credits that do not renew annually, and have a one year life. Therefore are only valid for twelve months.

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WorldMark Resort Types 

Within the WorldMark South Pacific Club, Resorts are either Owned and Managed by Wyndham, Contracted or under an Associate Agreement. 

  • Owned and Managed Resorts are owned and operated by Wyndham Staff.
  • Contracted Resorts are properties where the WorldMark South Pacific Club owns a number of the rooms within the property.
  • Associate Resorts are properties offered by the Developer through the Associate Program with the ability to add, remove or modify Associate Resorts without notice. 

WorldMark Resort Locations 


Are you in the mood for a tropical adventure, or a city escape?
Check your WorldMark Account now and see how many available Vacation Credits you have.


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Using Vacation Credits

Booking a WorldMark holiday is as simple as following these four easy steps. Research your destination, choose the season and length of time you wish to travel, your room size and and BOOK!


WorldMark SP Room Types
Club Apartments are designed to accommodate certain numbers of guests, so singles, couples, friends and families may find the Club Apartment size that is perfect for them. Club Apartments have set accommodation limits, which can be located under your Resort. However, they are generally as follows:

  • Suites / Studio Apartment: max 2 persons
  • One-bedroom Apartment: max 4 persons
  • Two-bedroom Apartment: max 6 persons
  • Three-bedroom or Grand Apartment: max 8 persons



Every WorldMark South Pacific Resort has a unique Credit Chart with unique seasonal dates and corresponding Credit charges per night. Start by choosing your holiday destination and see the Credit Chart for exact totals, which will be automatically be withdrawn from your WorldMark Account at time of booking. 


As a Premier Owner (Owner) of the WorldMark South Pacific Club you have the option to borrow and save, some or all of your Vacation Credits from the previous or future year to provide more credits for a longer stay. With the assumption that Levies for all years have been paid. 



All unused Credits will automatically carry over to the following year, however will still expire on their pre-determined expiry date (as Credits are valid for two years, they will expire two years after the issued date), unless you have an accepted reservation in accordance with the Guidelines and Regulations in respect of those Credits. 




Booking Windows 

As a Premier Owner (Owner), the WorldMarkSouth Pacific Club encourages you to book your holidays in advance. By giving yourself plenty of time to spare, you are able to secure your reservation at your chosen resort, for your ideal dates. See booking windows below: 

  • Bookings can be made up to 13 months in advance for WorldMark South Pacific Club Resorts by all Owners. 
  • Bookings can be made up to 11 months in advance for WorldMark, The Club Resorts in North America, Canda and Mexico, by Privileges Members of all Tiers and Premier Owners who purchased before 2010.
  • Bookings can be made up to 8 months in advance for CLUB WYNDHAM® Plus Resorts by Privileges Members of all Tiers.

When booking during Red Seasons (as shown on each Resort Credit Charts), the below restrictions apply: 

  • Bookings made more than 9 months in advance have a minimum 7 nights stay . The seven nights can be split across two or more resorts, assuming the seven nights are consecutive (Note: bookings cannot extend past 13 months prior to stay as the standard booking window still applies). 
  • Bookings made within 9 months of stay have no minimum night stay required.

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As Premier Owners, you have the opportunity to purchase  the following cash holiday options, which can either be used for last-minute getaways or one off 'top ups'!

A way for Owners to travel without using their credits!
A Bonus Time holiday is a two to four night stay with a minimum charge of $80 per night for Australian resorts, $84 per night for New Zealand resorts and $77 per night for Thai resorts. Housekeeping is included, fourteen day booking window (subject to availability).

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Exotic Bonus Time is available for your resorts in Fiji, Thailand, Indonesia, Hawaii, Italy and Germany. 
An Exotic Bonus Time holiday is a two to seven night stay with a minimum charge of $72 with a 30 day booking window. Housekeeping is included (subject to availability).



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Another way for Owners to travel without using their credits!
Valid for WorldMark Club and selected Associate Resorts, a Fun Time holiday is a three to seven night stay, depending on Ownership type. Charged per credit, with restricted booking windows. Housekeeping is not included; tokens can be used, or paid by cash.  

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One-time credits are a one-off purchase of Vacation Credits!
Can be used to complete a booking. For example, if you wish to stay longer at your desired location but do not have sufficient credits to accommodate the booking, you can make a One-Time Credit purchase for the remaining amount.

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In addition to these Cash Holiday Options, Privileges* members now have the exclusive option to book WorldMark, The Club accommodation in North America, Canada and Mexico with US Time^, a cash payment option to either top-up your Vacation Credits or pay for a whole stay in full! 

For only AU0.09c per Credit, plus taxes and housekeeping fees, members finally have a cash top-up and total cash payment options for WorldMark, The Club resorts in the USA.


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Wyndham Rewards 

#1Best Hotel Rewards Program

Wyndham Rewards is the world’s largest hotel rewards program based on the number of participating properties, offered exclusively by Wyndham Hotels & Resorts.  This program enables Wyndham Rewards members to earn points redeemable towards property stays, gift cards, levies and more.

All Privileges members are automatically enrolled into the Wyndham Rewards program where members can earn Wyndham Rewards points by staying at a participating properties. You can also accumulate Wyndham Rewards points by referring friends to the WorldMark South Pacific Club, attending Owner Updates or as Sales Incentives.

Elite, Diamond and Platinum Privileges members can exchange their Privileges Qualified Credits or Wyndham Rewards points to access Wyndham properties worldwide. You can exchange once per year, up to an annual cap (dependent on your Privileges Tier), please note exchange fees apply. Find out more at privilegesbywyndham.com.au.

Download the Program Guide now (220mb)



Owner Information Center
Want To Know More?

The Owner Information Centre is available to help you Discover, Learn and Retain useful information regarding your WorldMark South Pacific Club Ownership. Whether you prefer to learn at your leisure online, or talk to an expert, we are here to help you. Join us in person at locations throughout Australia and the South Pacific or schedule a one-on-one phone call with an education consultant at a time that is convenient for you. The Owner Information Team pride themselves on delivering the right information and support so you can utilise your Ownership to its full potential.

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We promise a high standard of beautifully presented rooms for each and every WorldMark stay. Experience the bliss of retreating to your ‘as new’ apartment, time and time again! 

Housekeeping is a charge per booking incurred by all Owners, either by token or cash. As a WorldMark South Pacific Owner you are entitled to one Housekeeping Token for every 10,000 Vacation Credits owned. As shown in the below table.

Much like your Vacation Credits, Tokens are renewed each year on your Anniversary date and are valid for two years.

WorldMark Housekeeping Fees

Please note, 1 housekeeping token is required for each 7-night stay at WorldMark Ka ‘Eo Kai and WorldMark Bali Hai.

Much like Vacation Credits, unused Housekeeping Tokens can be carried forward from the pervious year (with their original expiry date), or borrowed from the following year.

Once you exceed your supplied number of Housekeeping Tokens, the below Housekeeping Fees are applied. These fees are charged per stay at a resort, not per night.  For example, if your seven-night minimum stay is split between two resorts, a housekeeping token (or fee) will be required for each resort.

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Login to your Owner Website and book online or contact your Owner Services team
today to reserve your next stay!

Either online, or contact your Reservations team: 

  Over the phone by calling your friendly Owner Services Team on 
AU 1300 850 160  | NZ 0800 850 160 | FJ 008 003 263 | INT +61 7 5512 8021

 Via email at owner.reservations@wyn.com




Amendments & Cancellations

Sometimes the unexpected happens...

Sometimes even the best-laid plans can be brought undone by a change in circumstances. That’s why we have made amending or cancelling your booking simple!

You can access, amend or cancel your holiday reservations either by phoning Owner Services (some cancellations may be subject to a fee) or logging into your WorldMark Account.

To Cancel Your Booking

     1. Login to your Owner account and click on the ‘Online Reservation’ tab
     2. Enter your WorldMark Owner number and password
     3. Click on ‘Reservation History’
     4. Select the booking you wish to cancel and click ‘Yes, Cancel this Reservation’

You will avoid penalty (or loss of Vacation Credits) in the following cases: 

  • If you cancel within the periods set out below; or 
  • If another Owner books the period you have cancelled (if you cancelled after the date on your confirmation letter)

For bookings made at WorldMark South Pacific Club Resorts, you can cancel: 

  • 30 days before use when booked 13 months to 61 days in advance 
  • 10 days before use when booked 60 to 15 days in advance
  • 48 hours before use when booked 14 days to 48 hours in advance
  • No cancellations are permitted for bookings made less than 48 hours prior to use
  • Cancellation policies may vary at Associate Resorts

To Amend Your Booking 

You can make and cancel bookings online through your WorldMark Website, however if you wish to add or remove a night, without having to cancel the whole booking or combine bookings, your best method is to contact Owner Services team on AU 1300 850 160 NZ: 0800 850 160 or owner.reservations@wyn.com.

Attempting to make these changes yourself online will result in having to cancel and re-book which may result in a loss of your booking. If the booking contains expired Vacation Credits, a new booking must be made on the same day to ensure that the Credits do not expire from the account. The check-in date for the new booking must not exceed 13 months from the date the Credits expired. Emergency cancellations are considered on a case-by-case basis and require appropriate documentation.

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Quick Booking Tips

  • Book early! As a WorldMark South Pacific Club Owner you have 13 months to book your favorite destinations!
  • Waitlist your booking- If your preferred resort and/or apartment is not available when you would like it, ask to be put on the waitlist. If a cancellation makes your preferred option available you will be notified by phone or email straight away.
  • When booking a Red Season reservation more than 9 months in advance, bookings have a minimum 7 night stay.
  • Unfortunately, you can only hold One Friday and Saturday night booking at any one time for each full block of 6,000 Vacation Credits Owned.
  • When holidaying over the weekend, a two-night minimum stay applies for Friday or Saturday night bookings; unless only one of those nights is available (Red Season seven-night minimum stay applies)