Cash Holiday Options

If you are a WorldMark Premier Owner seeking even more great holiday options without using your Vacation Credits,then Bonus Time and Fun Time are perfect for you!
Use the sensational last-minute cash rates on offer for unbooked inventory at WorldMark South Pacific Club and Associate Resorts to extend your holiday or take a spontaneous break.

  • Bonus Time is perfect for short holidays or for adding to an existing booking to extend your stay
  • Fun Time is a great last-minute cash rate option for stays at WorldMark South Pacific Club resorts and Associate Resorts
  • One-Time is an additional way of completing a reservation when you don’t have enough annual Credits. One-Time Credits can be used in combination with the Credits you already own, separately, or for family and friends’ bookings


WHICH RESORTS? WorldMark South Pacific Club resorts WorldMark South Pacific Club resorts and limited Associate Resorts WorldMark South Pacific Club resorts

AUD8c* for Australian resorts

AUD8.4c* for New Zealand resorts

AUD7.8c* for Fijian resort

AUD7.7c* for Thai resort 

AUD8c* for Indonesian resort

AUD7.2c* for Hawaiian resorts

AUD6.5c* for Australian resorts^

AUD6.5c* for New Zealand resorts

AUD7.1c* for Fijian resort

AUD6.5c* for Thai resort

AUD6.5c* for Indonesian resort

AUD6.5c* for Hawaiian resorts

Premier Owners – AUD19c

5% discount for Privileges – AUD18c*

10% discount for Privileges Elite – AUD17c*

15% discount for Privileges Diamond – AUD16c*

21% discount for Privileges Platinum – AUD15c*

HOUSEKEEPING FEES Housekeeping included Housekeeping fee applies as per room type Housekeeping included (unless combined with Vacation Credits to complete a reservation)

AUD$80* for Australian resorts

AUD$84* for New Zealand resorts

AUD$78* for Fijian resort

AUD$77* for Thai resorts

AUD$80* for Indonesian resorts

AUD$72* for Hawaiian resorts

No minimum nightly charge applies No minimum nightly charge applies

Up to 14 days in advance for Australian and New Zealand resorts

Up to 30 days in advance for exotic resorts

Premier Owners – up to 14 days in advance

Privileges – up to 21 days in advance

Privileges Elite – up to 28 days in advance

Privileges Diamond – up to 35 days in advance

Privileges Platinum – up to 42 days in advance

Standard reservation guidelines apply: 13 months in advance for WorldMark South Pacific Club resorts
MINIMUM NIGHT STAY A Bonus Time reservation may be combined with a Vacation Credit reservation, with no minimum nights stay. When Bonus Time is used as a stand-alone reservation, a minimum 2-night stay will apply Minimum 2-night stay required for weekend use (Fri/Sat night) Standard reservation guidelines apply, however, One-Time Credits do not count under the one weekend per quarter rule
MAXIMUM NIGHT STAY Up to 4 nights maximum stay per reservation and 7 nights maximum stay for exotic resorts

Premier Owners – 3 nights maximum

Privileges – 4 nights maximum

Privileges Elite – 5 nights maximum

Privileges Diamond – 6 nights maximum

Privileges Platinum – 7 nights maximum

No maximum nights stay (subject to availability)
GUEST BOOKING WINDOW Up to 5 days in advance Same booking window as a WorldMark Owner Same booking window as a WorldMark Owner
RESERVATION GUIDELINES WorldMark Owners may hold one Bonus Time reservation at a time Owners are also eligible for one weekend-only Fun Time booking per 6,000 Credits, per calendar quarter

WorldMark Owners may book up to 5 apartments at once as long as all apartments are booked at the same time and for the same dates (subject to availability)

Payment must be processed at the time of booking

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Please note: Access to Fun Time and One-Time Credits by Premier Owners is at the sole discretion of the Developer. Fun Time and One-Time Credits are Developer benefits and as such can be withdrawn at any time.


*Prices and any applicable taxes subject to change. Please consult the latest WorldMark South Pacific Club Product Disclosure Statement for updated pricing. Prices quoted above are in Australian Dollars and include the relevant local GST or VAT. Please note that in addition to the Bonus Time or Fun Time charge, stays in Fiji will incur a Service Turnover Tax (STT) to be paid in Fijian dollars upon checking out from the resort. Refer to the Guidelines and Regulations for the table of applicable charges. WorldMark Owners are entitled to make one weekend-only Bonus Time reservation per calendar quarter.


^Fun Time reservations at Associate Resorts not located in New Zealand or Fiji will be charged at the rate for Australian resorts.